02 December 2011

Photoshop Skillz by Anthony Antonellis

Photoshop Skillz is a great program-exploration by Anthony Antonellis.  In this case he used and experimented using basic tools and filters from Photoshop to get different visual animated manifestations. 

"Anthony Antonellis is an artist based on the internet. His process is cumulative: copy-pasting between analog and digital states. His recent work experiments with painting as a conduit, short animation, filtering, and doing-it-wrong approaches. He studied at Bauhaus-University Weimar, MFA in new artistic strategies, and Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA in painting." See more;

Anthony tells us more about;
On photoshop skillz, it focuses on the back end of the software, the part we all see when we are using it, it’s a lot of the clicking around we do, especially during getting to know period of a new program. I had seen all these amazing works lately, really outstanding 3D pieces from artists like Tabor Robak and Jon Rafman, meanwhile I had only been scratching the surface of new media art. So I wanted to showcase my ‘skillz’, in a sort of naïve doing-it-wrong look what I can do sort of way. It’s based on screen recordings using each of Photoshop’s basic tools and filters. The music is by Alma Alloro aka Bikecore. We were sharing a studio in grad school and she had been working on that 4 July set while I was creating Photoshop Skillz. I’m really happy people liked it, and it's been already  curated into a small number of shows.

This video shows a faster version of, see the slower one, here.