20 December 2011

Penique Productions

Penique Productions is a Spanish art collective creating temporary inflatable installations. The Project consists on the creation of colour inflatable that fills up the space erected by others, providing them of a new identity. A simplification of the space that unifies shapes and textures becoming one generating a different atmosphere. The balloons are constructed from regular patterns, adjusting each inflatable to the characteristics of each location. The concept works on the relation between the full and the empty, generating a dialogue with the space we inhabit temporarily. See more;

This golden installation took place last September at Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy. The dimensions of; 10m x 3m x 4 m ( x 3 balloons) and one more 9m x 3m x 4m.
More installations and different colors and places on their website.

via | iGNANT