21 December 2011

Jonas Lund

The following websites are four of my favorite works by Jonas Lund. All of them have been created this year. I really like the powerful but simple concepts he develops using the web.
Lund was born in Sweden, currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Please click the following images or links to check out the different pieces. See more;

This Place In Time displays all visitors locations, continuously updated to be centered on the last one. By collecting litle by litle every spot in the world.

A Website that loads itself over and over again. 

See what Jonas see through total transparency, it consists in a browser extension which sends every website he is currently viewing to imhereandthere.com. It refreshes as soon as Lund visits a new website. It works a bit like a mirror to his browser and life.

A 47 tones of blue pop up performance. Just follow the indications on the site to run the piece correctly.