22 December 2011


Feréstec is a catalan word that means "not domesticated", "an untamed anmimal". It's the name for an on-line visual project launched in 2009 by Ferran Pla, born in Barcelona, 1980. Lives and works in Madrid. Feréstec could be seen as a minimal approach to the digital image, where the movement goes from figurative to abstract.

Ferran tells us more about his project:
"The idea is to achieve a pure image, and to give digital texture a primitive feeling.
Raw images classically composed that leave you thinking that they could aswell have been retouched. Feréstec aims to reshape the concept of tradition within the avant-garde, by focusing on the very conventions of experimental cinema. I am also very interested on finding connections between the history of abstract cinema and skateboarding." See more;

"I published 4 zines based of my own images and exploring the raw feeling of my images on paper. My zines try to be cinema on paper following that Godard's idea that you can do films with a very few things, two stills is enough.

Ferestec's Notes is a kind of lab where you can see my creative procces. By juxtaposing images from others creators that i found interesting I try to create a third image completely new. Looking for new meanings. It's a way to show my thoughts without using langauge."


Aaron "Jaws" Homoki vs Feréstec