02 November 2011

Yousuke Fuyama

"Yousuke Fuyama was born in Nagano, Japan, 1983. He is an artist, composer, programmer, visual and graphic designer, and VJ. He has been studying musical research and sound art and completed Master’s Degree in Media Science at Tokyo University of Technology Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences. His main focus on the expressions through data interconversion using various interfaces and programmes. He also works as a sound designer / programmer in a production company in Tokyo and designs interactive systems, develops devices and manages visual directions." See more;

"Fuyama won the first prize at LAPTOP BATTLES TOKYO Vol.4 and has been performing live concerts at several occasions and venues including FUTURA, CCMC, AAC, Sonic Art Project, CREAM, DPG, soundfollies, SonarSound Tokyo2011. While VJing in club events, he is also an organizer of experimental art party called "NORANEKO" in Tokyo and a lecturer of Max/MSP/Jitter in Workshop for Creator at WOMB LOUNGE"

LIVE at "Ontama" Trigram Aoyama Tokyo

LIVE at SonarSoundTokyo 2011

LIVE at SuperDeluxe 2008