02 November 2011

Sinusoidal Waves: F(x) A(y) by Rollin Leonard

Sinusoidal Waves: Frequency(x) & Amplitude(y) by Rollin Leonard_
"SW:FxAy was designed as a large grid of photographs — 36 separate C-prints totalling 102 by 152 cm when arranged in the complete 4 by 9 grid. The subject is me moving like a sine wave, wiggling. Two properties of this wave are adjusted and distributed over the grid — one, the frequency of the wave is arranged from small to large on the x axis and two, the amplitude of the wave is arranged from small to large on the y axis. The photographs were taken by setting the camera to a long exposure and scanning bars of red, blue, and green light over the subject. Different blends of red, blue, and green describe the shape and movement of my body. Given the high amount of trial and error this project required, I have hundreds of biproduct images. Some of those byproduct images are what I use in the video I arranged for Triangulation Blog shown here." See more;

About Rollin_
"I got my Bachelors degree in Philosophy from University of Minnesota in 2007 and shortly after I moved to Brooklyn where I lived for three years. I am currently living in the woods somewhere in Maine -- the GPS isn't accurate enough to give me specific coordinates. Mostly, I've lived on the internet since I left Minneapolis and can be found on plus, facebook, or my blog."