28 November 2011

Remains in the End Times

The Popular Workshop Gallery and Table of Contents are proud to present, Remains in the End Times, a group exhibition of experimental video, audio, sculpture, and prints curated by Jesse Lee Stout.

"Remains in the End Times, held in a city notorious for devastating earthquakes and the pioneering of early psychedelia, presents a paradigm of apocalyptic hallucinations and "tech-gnosis," contrasting modernity with ruination. The show title, partially derived from Slavoj Žižek's 2010 opus Living in the End Times, expands the proposition that there is no pending big bang, no End of Days — on the contrary, society is already immersed in this so-called Doomsday. As a result, a slow transformation has drifted us into a world where smog-ridden skies became the most beautiful sunsets imaginable and the white noise of a television lulls us to sleep at night." See more;

"Utilizing disposable technology, deteriorated media, and derelict landscapes as a conceptual foundation, these artists have transformed ruination into mature experiential works that unearth a new psychedelia. Rather than illustrating drug experiences, as in the case of hypnotic works of the 1960s, these works mesmerize and overwhelm the senses by way of reshaping the entropy and chaos of techno-inundated modern life — both helping us escaping our reality while firmly planting ourselves in it."

Participating artists: Yoshi Sodeoka, Rosa Menkman, Daniel Menche, JK Keller, Cristopher Cichocki .

December 2 — December 30, 2011 Opening Reception December 2, 2011 6 —10pm
The Popular Workshop 1173 Sutter Street / San Francisco / CA 94109

Yoshi Sodeoka

Rosa Menkman

Daniel Menche

JK Keller

Cristopher Cichocki