31 October 2011

Yuan Xiaofang

"Yuan Xiaofang was born in Wuhan , China , 1961. Yuan graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 1986, and currently teaches at the institute. Yuan cleverly transfers abstract culture into sensible and concrete images, along with combining psychological statement that is much subtle and complex. Elements in the painting come from objects in our real life, but its painting method and expression tone is light and fascinating. By tempting viewers with material satisfaction, Yuan constructs his acknowledgment on culture’s deficiencies." See more;

"In 1986 Yuan Xiaofang graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in Wuhan. In the early 1990s, he began to use pop art when he was working on his series Flying Pan (the paintings published in this post are from the series called "New World", which were made in 2007-2008 using oil on canvas. The vertical formats are around 150 x 200 cm). These paintings show bombers on orange or yellow skies flying above green mountains and waters. In the historical context, the green mountains and waters have become a sign of the Chinese, traditional culture. The bombers painted by Yuan Xiaofang are a symbol for the western, modern culture that is committing aggression and expansion to the Chinese tradition and culture.
Glass flower in blossom is another famous series of the artist. The pinkish paintings show landscapes, bodies or commercial objects in a digital three dimentional, glossy optic. The painted objects and actors seem to be made of glass and therefore evoke a cold atmosphere. Yuan Xiaofang refers to the public view and ideology of fast capitalist consumption." - ArtMuseum