21 October 2011

Wave of Possibility

Wave of Possibility is a collaboration project between Tiffany Singh and Auckland Print Studio, consisting in a series of 6 multi-layered lithographic prints made in two main stages;
"To start, 12 plates were produced by placing steel-backed, photo-sensitive lithography plates upon a sound "transducer". Using a Macbook Pro and Garage Band, a synthesized flute instrument played individual notes which were converted into vibrations by the transducer, generated specific visual displacement patterns in a coating of silicon carbide granules (100-grit). Each note was stopped and the resultant pattern of opaque grit was exposed onto the plate with 9-minutes exposure to UV light--each grain of carbide becoming a printing mark. These plates were then arranged and printed in layers or "Chords" using analogous colours. Each print has a stacking of 3 to 5 pattern-layers and run through the colours of the spectrum." See more;

Sound generated lithographs from a combination of 11 unique PS plates
Paper Size: 480 x 480 mm, edition of 12, proofs: 3
Project page > more info and prices.