26 October 2011

Senseless Drawing Bot

Senseless Drawing Bot is a collaboration project + installation created by So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi. Metal Works Supported by Hitto Asai
"This work takes advantage of the chaotic motion of the double pendulum, drawing an abstract and dynamically line in real time using a spray. It is a self-generated drawing machine. Consisting in a double pendulum, a motorized skateboard modified to determine the orientation of the pendulum by the rotary encoder attached to the fulcrum of the pendulum. Its operation is simple. In this work, has been recognized worldwide as an expression of modern "graffiti" in the act of graffiti called to eliminate the claims and the human body, by extracting the dynamism dwells in the rendering process to mimic the act. And improvisational, may sign, by presenting only the aspect of elements such as vandalism, explores the nature of this act where it is integrated, tries to connect to a new interpretation." - So Kanno. See more;

More photos about the exhibition here, about the making of here.

A device for "Graffiti"

I also liked this another previous similar work by Takahiro Yamaguchi which took place last April at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo as part of the exhibition "Tokyo Story".