20 October 2011

Net Z33 by Numen / For Use

Numen / For Use is a design collective lately well known for creating amazing experiments based on architectonic and organic structures made from tape, here you can see their latest tape experiment on Melbourne. Btw, I didn't know about their lighting experiments, I really liked N-Light / Membrane, great flow!

This another project is called Net Z33, consists of multiple layers of flexible nets suspended in the air. The flat layers of the net are subsequently connected to one another on counterpoints thus forming a “floating landscape" open for visitors to climb in and explore. The result is an op-art social sculpture (or a community hammock) relating to topics of instability, levitation and regression. Net Z33 was exhibited the latest three months at House for Contemporary Art Z33, Hasselt, Belgium. See more;

Project page > more pics, videos and prototype.

via | iGNANT