26 October 2011

Just Chairs by Michael Kluver

Just Chairs is the name of the latest work of Michael Kluver. It is an altered chair series from modernist design classics. All pushed back into the simple archetypal form, all of them now are dominated by simple ergonomic dimensions. Same seating height, seating width, seating depth, overall height, and angle of the backrest. See more;

"Do we need to produce more new stuff every year? Isn't it time to slow down and look for quality and context again? A chair is for sitting. It sounds simple enough right? The original designers of these morphed chairs searched for a way of living and had an overall vision of how life should be. Over the years their designs however were ripped completely out of context and became expensive designer objects. Let us restore context again. Let them be just chairs again." - Michael Kluver

 In the following order; Eames, Rietveld and Breuer.