07 October 2011

Daniel Michel 2011

Google Vase

I'm quite impressed about the new work of Daniel Michel. Love the ideas and conceptual work he has developed this year to create new products. His work is based on industrial design and tridimensional fields, he usually gets the inspiration from the real world and  other products which have already been created by others, like you can see in his new three following projects. See more;

Google Vase

A vase created by the work with the term itself. Researched pictures were collected and analized. The rotation outlines of 8 vases were arranged around a centre and connected by minimal surfaces in a 3D construction software. Afterwards the textures were set on the surfaces and the vase was print using a 3D-Printer. 

Materials: plaster, stabilized with cyanoacrylate.

Mirrored Cups

I like the way to create physical products using simple programs such as Photo-booth. Daniel has done a great selection of photographs and then modeled the cups in a 3D software, finally he printed the products in a print 3D-Printer.
*The cup mirrored vertically reminds me of Kai Linke's Mirror Chairs.

Materials: plaster, stabilized with cyanoacrylate

Window Shopping 

This jewelry collection has been made basically taking a video of the real products from the showcases of several jewelry stores. Then I guess he has used a powerful tridimensional tracking software to obtain the diferent volumes from the video, then he has refined them a little bit for printing the final products using a 3D printer.