07 September 2011

Investigation #1 Television

Investigation #1 Television, project by Midnight Toastie_
"This installation of three 'x-rayed' television sets has been created to communicate our findings and to further reveal what extraordinary realms exist beyond our 'normal' view of the television.
The television set is often considered a banal piece of furniture. However, disregarding it as such ignores the intrinsic beauties of this technology. Following our mandate to explore the everyday and reveal unseen fantastical dimensions, "Investigation #1 - Television" aims to call attention to this machine that we look at daily, but which we never really regard by itself." See more;

"This inquiry began by using techniques such as high-speed photography and macro-optics to analyze and observe the moment at which a television is switched off. Observing the technological process during this event uncovered fascinating activity and compelling visuals. By highlighting these visuals and presenting them out of context, the imagery is recontextualized while simultaneously revealing the beauty and poetry that they hold in their own right.
This concept is further paralleled in our presentation. Just as the content offers images in a context we do not discern, so is the structure of the installation meant to display the television itself in a way we do not observe or consider. By revealing the inner workings of this machine and pushing this investigation further, the hope is to uncover even more hidden layers produced by this commonplace device."

It was born out of the collective efforts of five visual designers based in London; David London, Daniel Price, Oliver Harrison, Audrey Anastasy and Paul Ferragut.
Their work focuses on the relationship between contradictory notions such as the visible and invisible, or tangible and abstract, through changes in the usual norms of perception. By re-examining the undiscerned trivialities midnight toastie reveals what extraordinary realms exist beyond our 'normal' view, allowing the viewer to re-consider the poignancy of the everyday.