21 September 2011


INTERNET_EROSION is a sculpture created by ART OF FAILURE,  Nicolas Maigret  and Nicolas Montgermont. The piece was made from 24h OF THE "INFINITE STREAM LOOP" activity engraved on labelite.

INFINITE STREAM LOOP is a permanent audio stream that travels around the web since a year. This originaly silent loopped flux has been started the 1 july 2010 and since this date, it keeps developing and remodeling according to the errors of transmission produced at every nodes passed through the network. This process draws up a temporal portrait of the digital space.

INTERNET_EROSION is a sculpture produced from 24 hours audio analysis of the Infinite Stream Loop's recordings. That recordings have been performed 1 year after this stream loop started. It has been translated into reliefs using spectral analysis technics. This object embodies the Infinite Stream Loop's sonic structure mutations throughout one day. See more;

24 hours of infinite stream loop (~6 seconds records every 10 minutes, all linked together)

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