15 September 2011

Hyper Geography by Joe Hamilton

Hyper Geography is a tumblr created by Joe Hamilton. I don't see it like a tumblr blog, it is an amazing collage project hosted on tumblr, where Joe has developed a looped natural environment consisting in 100 looping posts that link together horizontally and vertically. 
Joe tells to Rhizome; "I started in April of this year and, in a way, finished in August. I am working on a script that will once a day take the last post in the loop and reblog it. Then I will leave it. Or not. I'm not sure. In selecting the images I was looking at our notion of environment and the changing and overlapping definitions of natural, built and networked environments. I gathered images that speak of these definitions and blended them together in to new compositions. An attempt to create a feeling of some type of hybrid environment, a hyper geography." See more; 

via | Rhizome