16 September 2011

Happy Graphics Interchange by Theo Seemann

The other day I found thanks to @TodayTomorrow this funny and crazy GIF project called" Happy Graphics Interchange" by Theo Seemann. Today he tells us about this GIF party;

"Happy Graphics Interchange is my diploma project at Merz Akademie. In research part i evaluate how "medienkompetenz" today is used and misused and i propose my ideas about;
1. how it should be interpreted and 2. how to achieve these new goals... e.g. with a gif mashup party! The practical part is inspired by older projects like Trail Blazers #1 and WII-MOTE MASTERS - Again I planned an event where attendants spend the whole night having fun with digital media. With the special toolset they can have big fun mashing gifs and experience some structural elements of the computer. With this combination of fun & education i hope being able to push users more into a direction towards "media amateurs" (see Dieter Daniels), considered being the ultimate media competent user.
Btw, the plan to use it at an event is why it was possible to have it only for 1 browser up to now: safari awghh :) with every other browser unfortunately it still shows bugs here & there, but i hope finding time to fix them soon!" See more;

"I just finished university, had six months at LAb[au] & Mediaruimte in brussels, some exhibitions & events in Stuttgart, a pitstop in Linz with the Trailblazers event.
I love web and amateur culture and it's visual expressions and I'm sure there's a lot to have fun with in future!" - Theo Seemann.

thxalot.org/happygraphicsinterchange or go directly to the party thxalot.org/happygraphicsinterchange/disco

By the way, in the first screenshot above, there is one GIF from the insane ongoing exhibition by Andrew Benson at the great ANI-GIF, check it now here.