04 August 2011

Takagi Masakatsu

Takagi Masakatsu is a visual artist and musician whose work knows no aesthetic borders. He produces music videos, as well as music for commercials and film. His video installations and musical performances have been shown around the world and he stands as one of Japan’s most valued VJ’s and music video directors. He has created pieces in collaboration with Ryoji IkedaDavid SylvianSketch Show and Cornelius.  See more;

Next exhibitions_
CAFE in Mito 2011
30th July - 16th October 2011 - Art Tower Mito (Miyagi, Japan)

Trans-Cool Tokyo
Contemporary Japanese Art from MOT Collection
2nd July - 25th September 2011 - Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)

Invisibleness is visibleness
9th July - 4th September 2011 - MOCA Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)

28th August 2011 (sun) - Michinoku Park Eco Cample Michinoku, Miyagi, Japan