31 August 2011

STB by Peter Jellitsch

Ink on tracing paper 33 x 28 cm

STB is an amazing ink drawing series created by Peter Jellitsch, Vienna. I really like their looks, remind me of some info-graphics.

Jellitsch tells us interesting information about this series;
STB means Streambody, this series is based on a motion algorithm that is used in architectural practice to simulate wind directions and the force of air that arrives at highrise buildings. I have experimented with this program, and the outcome was solid bubbles which I have then redrawn with the directions that they had. The degree denotation that my title has (for example: STB/S02/90°) is explaining the turn of the wind-force hitting the object." See more;

Peter Jellitsch is a a 29 year old phd student from Vienna where he did a master in architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Jellitsch is practicing somewhere between art, architecture and science.

"Generally I am trying to translate digital generated stuff into analog drawings. On one hand to see which differences appear between the digital outcome and the analog one, and on the other hand, i am interested in the repetitive movements that appear when i am reproducing from digital data. My work is always repititve in terms of sequences of one project. always a series of drawings, because most of my experiments are based on digital simulations."

Ink on tracing paper approx. 33 x 28 cm

Ink on Paper 40,5 x 26 cm

Ink on Paper 40,5 x 26 cm

STB/S02/90° Ink on paper 75 x 75 cm

STB/S01/130° Ink on paper 75 x 75 cm

STB/S01/100° ink on paper 75 x 75 cm