03 August 2011

SKATE 1.0 by Electroland

SKATE 1.0 is a sound and light installation by Electroland. It's an abstract virtual skateboard park manifested through an immersive light and sound installation. 60 four-foot HO dimmable fluorescent lights and a 12.2-channel sound system generate 300,000 lumens of pure white-light attitude. Skater sounds travel above, below, around and through the viewer while the lights register their movement and intensity on the space and on viewer's bodies. Sunglasses advised. See more;

It is installed at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles as part of the COME IN! 2: SURF. SKATE. BIKE exhibition, which has run until July 24. Anyway SKATE 1.0 will continue to be exhibited through September 9, 2011.