17 August 2011

Ricardo González García

Oil and enamel on canvas 65 x 50 cm
"My art practice focuses, from some years ago to actuality, in the investigation of different plastic processes that provide intermediate vision between representation and abstraction, object and subject, and content and continent. This brings me to the realization of different series organized around a conceptual framework, that structures its presentation and that leads me to adopt different strategies for transforming these premises prior to visual expressions of two or three dimensions. Because the failure to rule out in advance any technique gives me the choice between different possible ways that I have, or I can discover, for approaching the same subject, which enriches the code and helps me open up different paths by which to advance my creation." See more;

The two following paintings are part of "Psicorretratos robot" series. Ricardo also made a sculpture series as part of the same collection, see here.

Oil and enamel on canvas 73 x 60 cm

Oil and enamel on canvas 73 x 60 cm

Mixed media on canvas 240 x 360 cm

Mixed media on canvas 180 x 162 cm