08 August 2011

Primitive [x] Capsule by Charlie Berendsen

Primitive [x] Capsule is the latest project by Charlie Berendsen, graduated at the Interaction Design department at the ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design and works in the field of 'Information Design', where data (input) and poetics (output) meet after the link (design).

"It isn’t possible to describe the shape of an object as one shape. On the other hand, It is possible to describe a collection of shapes which have a certain formation and proportion to each other. Any kind of language creates an abstraction of the original form. ‘Primitive [x] Capsule’ investigates how form can be captured through the use of syntax. Then a representation is being made of the shapes which have been described in the form of a new object, in which the essential forms are revealed. A form essence." See more;

"The process:
(1)Choose a physical object, (2) describe it into syntax, (3) the program creates the shapes and their formation according to the described information, (4) the program re-configures the formation into an exploded-formation, which is based on the Properties ’shape volume’, and it’s place in the hierarchy, (5) the program implodes the shapes towards the center until a shape encounters another shape. This new form shall be the embodiment of pure form and the process of describing form.

Syntax description of an Object:
A shape, with the lamp from my father as it’s name; A cylinder shape, with 15 radius at the frontside, and 10 radius at the backside, has a 5 height, with the width divided in 20 segments, the height in 20 segments; A cylinder shape, with 12 radius at the frontside, and 8 radius at the back- side, has a 5 height, 3 towards the top from the center of the previous shape; A cylinder shape, with 8 radius at the frontside, and 6 radius at the backside, has a 6 height; A cylinder shape, with 5 radius at the front- side, and 3 radius at the backside...

The presentation shows five 3d printed objects in petri dishes, 3 magnifying loupes, one process-book regarding the project, and two posters displaying the ‘table’ and ‘piek’ object. Each 3d object is acompanied with a process-fan in which it’s process is being described." - Charlie Berendsen.