25 August 2011

Katja Schenker

Nougat is a nice experimental mix made from lots of raw material. A public sculpture created by Zurich based artist Katja Schenker in Sitterwerk, 2009.  She excavated a big hole in the earth, then filled inside concrete and mixed it with firesand, lime, kaolin, bitumen, colophony, brass, copper, bronze, graphite, wood, marble, granite, river stones, plaster, slate, hard coal, charcoal, asphalt, brick sand, silicon, aluminum, bamboo, hay, pine cones, straw, cork, mussels, pigments, lamp black, coconut, chalk, clay, pumice stone, tuff, lava rock, gneiss, quartz and plant seeds. When the mixture was ready,  well hardened,  Schenker cut it into a precise four-sided cube with a diamond saw. See more;