15 August 2011

In Ictu Oculi by Greta Alfaro

"In Ictu Oculi" is a documentary project by spanish photographer Greta Alfaro. The title's work means "in the twinkling of an eye" and reveals the identities of the mysterious guests who descended en masse to wolf down the banquet. The vultures didn't notice the presence of Greta who was hidden filming the video. See more;

Greta Alfaro is a graduate in Fine Arts by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain. She currently studies a MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London, awarded by the Genesis Foundation. 

"I work about the hidden and the unexpected. We live our lives governed by rules created in order to control chaos and vulnerability, but I am interested in the facts we try to hide or repress, in the differences between the private and the public, in the visibility of our everyday life hypocrisy." - Greta Alfaro