02 August 2011


GIFMARKET.net is the latest project by Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach.
"Seeing digital art as a collector's item is still pretty new. Especially image files are only seen as print as an art object of value. The GIF is now in the role to change this, cause it has a small resolution and is an animation. You can print it as a flipbook, but it's heart is so digital, it is at home on a display only. GIF lovers want and deserve the original GIF.
It is just a matter of time when digital art in it's original format, as file, will be in every significant art collection. And then the GIF will be the most important file type.

The GIF MARKET is located on the way to future. It's not on the destination, much more shortly after the start, but it's one of the pioneer projects for giving files a value.
The project contains a series of 1024 animated GIFs, each named by a #number. The GIFs show a black line which marks the centre for the 1px large particles rotating around it. #1 is the most unique, it has only 1 pixel flying around, and therefore the most expensive. Down to the end there are so many particles that you can't see the difference between #950 and #1000."

The price gets calculated by this formula: PRICE = SALES / NUMBER * 16 
So each sale increases the price, at the end the #1 will cost 16,384.00€.