03 August 2011

Automatic Writing by Marius Watz

"As part of its KinoTek series, the San Francisco Film Society presents the work of pioneering software artist Marius Watz. Working at the forefront of emergent media practice, Watz uses digital processes and authored algorithms to “automatically” produce numerous types of media including video, still imagery and sculpture through semi-autonomous software systems. The resulting abstractions, with their hard-edged geometry and vivid colors, are stunning both visually and conceptually. It’s an artistic practice that merges the processes of production with the resulting work and calls into question the shifting boundaries of what we call art. Watz, a native of Norway, is a lecturer in interaction design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He is represented by the gallery [DAM]Berlin". See more;

Exhibition: July 22 - August 17
Gallery hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 12:00–6:00 pm
Superfrog Gallery at New People 1746 Post Street (Webster/Buchannan)

More info here.

Onto the walls - SF Automatic Writing 7642 Wall Exploder

7647 SF-Kinotek - Form studies 

7709 SF-Kinotek Arcs Laser drawings

Sketches and making of

See more pictures and info about the processes here.