04 August 2011

Asuka Katagiri

Asuka Katagiri, Tokyo, 1971. He is graduated from Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art, 1994. Katagiri started photographing stars when he was thirteen. The following pictures are some (non manipulated) amazing shots from his "Light Navigation" series, cool soft tones! See more;

"Capturing sky, air and light as substance and color, Katagiri creates tangibility from the intangible. He distills their essences into quiet meditative compositions vibrating with life.
In an unconventional use of photography, Katagiri opens the camera's shutter to the empty sky discovering glorious variations of color and emotion. Free of any post-shooting manipulation, his work does not demand that the viewer interpret it with signifiers and references, instead, it asks us to stop and contemplate a moment of light.
Katagiri has had a lifelong fascination with the day and night skies starting at the age of 13. After experimenting with a point and shoot camera belonging to his family, he saved up and purchased a Nikon SLR. Since that time Katagiri was guided with a singular focus leading to the artwork he is creating today. He has exhibited in group shows in Japan as well as a solo show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography" - Tai Gallery