29 August 2011

Andrew Norman Wilson

 Andrew Norman Wilson_
"By combining oppressive economic, social, and political forms and patterns, I create new moiré patterns for desire and knowledge to flow through and explode, opening them to a conceivably infinite array of forces. This leads to deeply heterogeneous forms and flows of cultural production, wherein culture, and life in general, can be understood as a living, involuted and expansive process rather than an entry on a spreadsheet."

Why is the No Video Signal Blue? Or, Color is No Longer Separable From Form, and the Collective Joins the Brightness Confound is ~A Guided Meditation~ by Andrew Norman Wilson. See more;

"The screen is blue unlike the blue on that day last summer when you looked up into the sky and really felt the blueness. The screen is blue unlike the pool you saw from afar on a day when the sky was clear and blue. This blue is too dark to be day, too bright to be night, entirely this blue and not that blue. Neither the light blue of comfort, nor the dark blue of fear.

This is not the blue screen of death, the blue screen of doom, or a stop error. This blue is different than a blue screen of death on a mac computer, which is different than a blue screen of death on a windows computer. These three blue screens are all meant to signify different issues.

In the English language, blue often represents the human emotion of sadness. In German, to be blue is to be drunk. Yet a blue sky staring at you tends to symbolize happiness or optimism. A blue film is a pornographic film.

On a mood ring, blue is generally regarded as indicating a relaxed mood, someone who is at ease. As blue is also the color associated with the throat chakra, this shade may appear at a time when you are vocally struggling or vocally asserting yourself.

Does this blue screen make you see bluish skin? Is that light colored clothing now blue? And the walls? Is this environment becoming no video signal blue? If you were to smile, would your teeth turn blue? If you are awake, are the whites of your eyes now blue?"

... the complete text, is at poool.info

Letter to Sony


I am an artist working with video and digital media. I am wondering why monitors + projectors show the color blue when there is no signal. When was this decided? Who decided? How did the decision become implemented? I understand that basic customer service will probably not be able to answer this question, but if I could be pointed in the right direction I would appreciate it very much. In short, why is the no video signal screen blue?


Andrew Norman Wilson

Response from Sony

Andrew Wilson,

Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

In order to determine the exact resolution for your support issue, we require the model number of your Sony unit. Please get back to us with the complete/correct model number of your Sony unit and I will be able to research and provide you the information.

Thank you for understanding.

The Sony Email Response Team



My Response to Sony


The resolution of my Sony unit is irrelevant for this question. I understand if it’s not within your job description to know the answer, but if you could speak to your manager and have them direct the question to the appropriate person at Sony (perhaps a senior engineer), it would be much appreciated.

To summarize, I’m wondering why the the decision was made to show the color blue when there is no signal. Why is the no video signal screen colored blue?



Response from Sony


I’m sorry for the confusion in the previous response. The product specification you are seeking has not currently been published by Sony. Unfortunately, this information is beyond the scope of what we are able to provide through our online support service.

If you sincerely require this information you can make a formal request for this data by calling our customer service division. If appropriate they will take down your contact information and pass your request through to the sustaining engineering team responsible for this product. You may reach them at (800) 222-7669.

No response from Sony’s sustaining engineering team

Response from Panasonic

Thank you for your inquiry.

At this time, we cannot advise you of the reason the decision was made to make the monitors a solid blue screen when there is no signal. This decision was not determined by Panasonic.

We hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you for choosing Panasonic.

My Response to Panasonic


Do you have any way of finding out who made this decision?



Response from Panasonic

Thank you for your response.

We have no way of finding out this information. you may have to conduct an online research on this particular inquiry.

Thank you for contacting Panasonic.

Response from VIZIO

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your email to Vizio. Here at Vizio we pride ourselves in our service and best in class support and honestly the blue signal screen just seems to be the industry standard. We are not certain who implemented it or why they chose blue. I do apologize that I couldn’t be of more assistance to you with this issue.


Leah Anderson


“America’s #1 LCD HDTV Company”

Even if everything we see is blue, we are also able to imagine red. We are capable of forming feelings, and yearning after potentialities, that differ from those provided by actual entities in the actual world. The data of novelty is not present in these actualities, and so it must arise out of our subjective aim. See red, see yellow, see green, see orange, see purple, see pink, see black.

You can find all credits about the works cited on the video, here at poool.info