05 August 2011

3X3 by Vivi Fitriani

3x3: MFA Thesis Exhibition by Vivi Fitriani, is an exploration of systems and rules set forth on mechanical lettering devices based on a 3x3 grid structure.

"Conventions and systems help convey meaning. Systems of communication are composed of structural mechanisms, which make order out of chaos. typography as a system, is stylistically influenced by the tools and process used to make it. These works explore a collaborative effort between predetermined design systems and the executor of those systems. In this body of work, i am investigating the effects of machines on written language and the exploration of mechanical connections to typography." - Vivi Fitriani. See more;

Walk/mark illustrates the exchange of movement between the participant and the reciprocating mechanical connections into an alterable letter. every point on the grid becomes part of a mutable letterform. It has an inbuilt predetermined system, which invites collaboration between the audience and the three by three grids lying on the floor. when the audience steps on a point of the grid, the input will produce markings on the wall installation, resulting in a letter.

Letto (below) is a lettering tool which responds to a 3x3 grid of lights. Lights are choreographed to form each individual letter from the alphabet. The longer the lights are left on for letto to follow these steps, the bolder the letter becomes.

"The investigation of the 3x3 grid and connected devices discovered limitations that challenge the structure of a letterform. this is developed as a thesis project to explore how predetermined systems affect the structure of communication and generative design."