04 July 2011

Scanner 3D by Thomas Lebécel

ENSCI's student Thomas Lebécel created this rotational 3D scanner. The scanner uses a laser pointer moving along a ring-shaped track around an object to find a set of 3D points that define the object’s shape.
ENSCI is a product design school in Paris, I recommend check all projects from the different students, there are really great works. See more;

"The realization of 3D files, is now essential for the programming of machining on all types of CNC machines. Make these 3D files can be complicated and tedious, especially when we want to achieve complex shapes.
The 3D scanner appears to be a good alternative for drafts of 3D files, starting fromsimple modeling with clay or play dough. We can also scan existing objects to possibly modify, or replicate. Following my research on various open source technologies to scan the existingprocesses, I realized that they operate by a process of scanning a laser faisseau on the object, coupled with a simultaneous shooting. However, this technique does notdiscern any that maybe hollow objects. For these reasons, I was directed to a system using a lens proximeter rotate aroundthe object. This technique allows me to capture a greater amount of detail."

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