06 July 2011

Robert Currie

Just abstract, Robert Currie's works are based in abstract compositions, installations, sculptures and drawings. He usually uses different kinds of materials to make his pieces such as video tape, casette tape, nylon monofilament, acrylic and ink. I selected two of his pieces which result is more realistic but in his website you can see many more pieces. See more;

"Robert Currie’s work examines structures and energies that exist around us; those that are visible but go unnoticed and those that are invisible, considered inconsequential, despite affecting our everyday living.
His work focuses around the opposing theories of chaos theory, the notion that order comes out of disorder, and complexity theory where it is seen as inevitable in any sufficiently complex system, that order will emerge."

'892m of nylon monofilament and black acrylic' - 96x66x20cm 2010

'927m of nylon monofilament with black and coloured acrylic' - 98x66x20cm 2010

'1794m of black nylon monofilament No2' - 120x65x20cm 2010
via | VVORK