15 July 2011

Printershake by Joe Winter

Joe Winter describes his Printershake project;
"Images are printed with a standard desktop inkjet printer which is violently shaken during the process of printing. The initial images are simple, geometric control structures generated by computer: grids, parallel lines, concentric circles, etc. The resulting colour misalignments, interference patterns, and distortions alternately read as scientific data (EKG, seismography, spectrometry) and abstract drawings. The prints are created in groups of six: four prints are made of the same control structure, one for each of the four subtractive colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black); the fifth print passes through the printer--and is shaken--four times, once for each color." See more;

The following two images are the final result from two other pieces, see the separate layers of each piece at Joe Winter's website.

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