04 July 2011

In statu nascendi

"In statu nascendi" is the latest great piece by Polish duo visual artists Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski.
An attempt to capture the most ephemeral moment of the creative process by capturing temporary phases of the render. By analogy with the chemical processes - "In statu nascendi" refers to the intermediate products of chemical reactions, which can not be isolated from the environment of this reaction. There are therefore just "under construction", and then disappear. See more;

"At the surface level this work is a loose interpretation of the poem "Creating the World" by Czeslaw Milosz, but its main purpose is to refer to Milosz's opinion about the film, as "a medium that claims to show the reality."
From the very beginning techniques of modeling and 3D animation very strongly aspire to play the reality. To highlight a peculiar inability to reflect reality by the film, we focus on the "struggle" of generating an image. We capture the process of rendering "in statu nascendi" ("under construction"). Therefore we try to intercept this moment of the creative process, which is the most ephemeral - a temporary, piecemeal render phases (mostly global illumination pass). In the course of animation every next frame is more accurately rendered but still far from the target appearance." - Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski

Sound designed by Adam Witkowski.