26 July 2011

entrails by Lukasz Karluk

Lukasz Karluk aka julapy has worked in a experiment called "entrails" making contours/polylines audio reactive. I love the 2D aesthetics and the organic shapes and movements. Julapy has created it using openFrameworks 007 & ofxBox2d, and extending the new ofPolyline Class. See more;

"Firstly a skeleton is built for the entrails using the new/awesome ofPolyline class in the openFrameworks 007 release. The skeleton line is resampled to increase or decrease the level of detail and at each point of the line a box2d particle is added, attached by a network of springs to its neighbours. Each particle is also mapped to a particular part of the sound spectrum which exerts a force on the particle when the music is playing. the rest is physics!" - Lukasz Karluk

Music - Midnight Snack by Young Montana?