09 June 2011

Universal Constructor by Bill McKessy

Cool work created by the new media artis Bill McKessy (Memphis, USA) using cellular automata, genetic algorithms, neural networks, openframeworks and c++. See more;

"Arranged on a lattice are these buckets. The buckets can contain a neural network, which is an artificial model of a brain. The color of the bucket is representative of the layout/makeup of the neural network. The brain can see its four immediate neighbors on the lattice (up down left right). It observes how many neighbors it has at each position, and what species the contents of the neighboring buckets. The bucket then makes a decision to move some or all of the its contents to one of four neighboring positions.
If the contents move to an empty bucket, the brain will mutate slightly when copies into the new bucket. Enough of these mutations eventually creates a different enough species that when the bucket tries to pass along its own contents, there will now be a "fight". Only similar species cooperate by just passing along the contents of the bucket. From ostensibly initial random conditions and simple rules emerges highly complex, self organized structures." - Bill McKessy