29 June 2011

Tyson Parks

Tyson Parks is a Montréal-based artist Parks who makes digital paintings using a combination of computer hardware and software that he is designed, a setup he has appropriated from his practice as an electronic music producer, computer programmer, and video artist. He re-imagines the brush, the paint, the canvas. See more;

“My work is a revisitation of non-objective painting philosophies, such as those by WASSILY KANDINSKY, who published formal theories on affinities between painting and music. He wrote about abstract painting in relation to music that likened visual elements of line, color, and shape to musical elements of timbre, pitch, amplitude, and orchestration. Both in respect for, and as a critique of, these interesting but dated theories, I have approached the canvas as a space to inject new visual aesthetics based upon my understanding of contemporary music and composition theory, as well as my practice as a contemporary electronic music producer. Experimentation with materials is important for me. In this case, I experimented with the possibilities of programming my own software and physical interface for digital painting. Through this process of re-inventing the digital paintbrush and digital canvas for myself, I have found myself appropriating many ideas from my music composition process. While exploring the potential of the new tools I’ve created, I’ve found myself fascinated by the simple act and visual result of creating a single stroke." – Tyson Parks for art:21

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Compositions #9-#18 gesture-modulated video-feedback painting archival inkjet print

The Faceless (detail of Composition #23) detail of a gesture-modulated video-feedback painting. 


Taxonomy of Strokes on Black (detail) gesture-modulated video-feedback painting archival inkjet print.

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