09 June 2011

Tunnel by Cantoni-Crescenti

Tunnel is a kinetic sculpture created by the brazilian duo Cantoni-Crescenti, Rejane Cantoni and Leonardo Crescenti. Tunnel is an immersive and interactive sculpture, composed of 92 porticos that become disordered in function of the position and body mass of the interactor.
Numerous users can simultaneously enter and interact with the machine. Interactors agency the machine via their position and weight. An example of interaction is: you go into the Tunnel and stand by one of the sidewalls. In this case, the relative position and the gravitational force of your body provoke variations of floor height. The floor inclines up to 5º, the associated porticos progressively rotate in the corresponding direction and angle, and this propagates undulatory movements throughout the entire installation. For the outside observer, the internal movement or your displacement in relation to the installation produces kinetic optic effects. See more;

Materials: anodized aluminum profiles, steel profiles, spiral springs, taped springs, nylon washers and bearings, triangular bases, brackets with axles, steel cables and screws.