15 June 2011

Schlagloch Lampe by Diefabrik

"Schlagloch Lampe" is a cool product from an amazing idea. This is the part from product design most I like; experimenting and toying with simple ideas to become them into great products like this lamp created by Leipzig based Design Collective Diefabrik, who presented their "Schlagloch Lampe" at DMY Berlin 2011. This lamp collection was produced from small batches, utilizing the pothole like molds and taking the same form to the originating road marks. Each lamp is titled by the names of each addresses where the pothole can be found. See more;

"Potholes are not only holes in a street, they are a by-product of a society, depiticing the wear and tear of everyday life, which makes them an interesting foundation for a product. By filling the potholes with gypsum we conserve their unique forms and history. This cast serves then as a tool for producing lamp shades in thermoform technique. The material used is a durable 100% biodegradable thermoplastics. The pothole lamps are produced in small batches and can be tracked back to their origin thanks to their names, which are the addresses of the pothole." - Diefabrik

This idea or way to create a product reminds me of Max Lamb's "Hexagonal Pewter Stool" but in this case the batches/holes have been found and in Max Lamb's chair was the form of the hole/mold designed on purpose.

Btw, it is a buyable product, here you can see the different models and prices.