08 June 2011


"OSSITY #3 - SWAG ET CETERA" is the latest great work by the digital artist KOKOFREAKBEAN. In this thrid issue he follows the same glitchy and crazy way as in the previous ones. 

KOKOFREAKBEAN tells us about the process to create this chaotic RGB world;
"The OSSITY series allows me to voluntarily reduce my skill set and tool box to the bare essentials. My typical "free" video (such as "BUD DUB", "BALLOON ANIMAL", and "FREE DILDA") employs any and all of the programs, videos, pictures, drawings, cg models, etc. that my black cheetah heart desires at any apocalyptic moment. An OSSITY can only consist of simple sculptures made in Maya, minimal After Effects interventions, and sounds made with various Reaktor ensembles. My goal with an OSSITY is to have the audio and visuals complement each other in something approximating pseudo-glitch porn heaven. I start by uniting the right video with the right sounds and build a library of these harmonious collisions. Then, I essentially sample myself and build patterns in Premiere. I repeat this process until I feel I've accomplished the goal." See more;

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