23 June 2011

NSKYC.COM by Mike Bodge

N SKY C .COM is the latest net art project by Mike BodgeN SKY C is a beautiful and minimal website which shows the average color of New York City sky every 5 minutes.

"I wrote a program that takes a picture outside of my office window every 5 minutes. It uploads the photo to a server and then analyzes the sky portion to figure out what the average sky color is at that time. The site is a constantly updating mosaic and record of the sky over New York City, and I think it looks pretty awesome." - Mike Bodge. See more;

Bodge is looking to expand this project across the globe. If you have a cool view and wouldn’t mind running the program hooked up to a webcam all day, contact him. http://deleteyourself.com/

See the project http://nskyc.com

via | @neave