01 June 2011

Jun Igarashi Architects | Shounan House

'Shounan House' was designed by Jun Igarashi Architects, it's a private house for a two generation family near Tokyo, Japan. In an old neighbourhood with aged structures throughout, the house establishes a bold presence on the site with its asymmetrical form and angular silhouette. See more;

"The house features an over-exaggerated roof form that hangs over the main entrance. Carved out in a long strip, the design accommodates three parking spaces to the clients' request. The pitched form contains within a double-height atrium space that keeps the majority of the main level open vertically. The second level extends out to the communal space in the form of elevated walkways that overlook the living and dining room below. A third, lofted platform provides a more private area that mimics the effect of an attic.

Shounan House is tied together by a physical motif in the form of structural cross braces. A system of small square-faced windows placed near the ground encourages natural cross ventilation which is further facilitated by the cool corridor on the north and the warm area on the south. A carved out portion in the roofline generates an outdoor terrace that is suitable for drying laundry." - designboom

Photography by Iwan Baan

Site: 202.71 m2 - total floor: 171.78 m2 - ground floor: 96.426 m2 - second floor: 65.36 m2 - structure: wooden

Floor plan / level 0

Longitudinal section

Cross section