28 June 2011

Hilary Lloyd at Artists Space

Artists Space is currently showing the first solo exhibition in the United States by British artist Hilary Lloyd. The exhibition will feature new work developed by Lloyd in direct relation to the architecture of Artists Space. The doors will be open until next 21th August. See more;

"Hilary Lloyd’s work is predominantly realized through the presentation of sequential images, either within video or slide installations. This work is rooted in Lloyd’s observation of people, objects and spaces. Each individual piece portrays its subject in isolation: men working at an outdoor carwash in Sheffield, UK (Car Wash, 2005); the iconic DJ Princess Julia playing records at Queer Nation in London’s Kings Cross (Princess Julia, 1997); a motorway construction site in Glasgow (Motorway, 2010); a young man taking off his t-shirt (Colin #2, 1999). Lloyd’s camera acts as a voyeuristic gaze that addresses minimal, often repetitive movement and banal materiality. The resulting compositions appear at times staged and at others record the world from afar, examining the phenomenological interplay between the honed theatrics of physical activity, and the immaterial conditions of seeing and being seen.

The equipment used to display these images (monitors, projectors, stands and cabling) form a highly visible and fetishized aspect of Lloyd’s installations. Similar to the awareness of the body’s movement in space induced by minimalist sculpture, the amplified presence of the technologies of audio-visual display compels a physical dimension to the act of looking. Viewers are placed within an equivalent ‘scene’ of experience to that which exists between Lloyd and her subjects – a scene mediated by codes of posture and desire." - Artists Space

Photos by Daniel Pérez.