04 May 2011

Wyne Veen

I absolutely love the style of Wyne Veen, an Amsterdam based photographer. I like the compositions, and colors, specialy the gradients which she sometimes uses in the backgrounds and of course the light and objects utilized on her still lifes. Some photographs remind me of tridimensional fields, because the lighting seems a little bit artificial light, like in some 3D software where the rendering tool is not quite good, but cool anyway!. See more;

"My central theme is uselessness. I feel that life is ridiculous. The products and arrangements I show are a reflection of investments of time and effort by men.  They show the development of our society just like the old 17th century famous Dutch still lives did. But I don't see this development as something to be proud of, I think it is way over the top. So I criticise it. I often wonder what on earth people are occupied with while there are so many better things to do. I don't want to define these better things, because it's up to people themselves. But I am quite sure it won't be creating another plastic peach." - Wyne Veen for Zest magazine.  

Fashion 2011

Pailletten 2010

Pin-Up, miniature designer chairs

International Blend 2010, Dutch Haute Cuisine