10 May 2011

Type At the Opera

Peter Biľak, set designer of Göteborg Opera’s upcoming dance production Eroica (see below), created a dramatic structure of metal pipes illuminated by individually controlled LED strips. The construction, which is an integral part of the performance, is eight meters wide, four meters high and four meters deep. All wires and electronics are hidden inside the pipes or under the floor, and the pipes themselves are so thin that they disappear into the darkness when not lit up. See more;

During breaks in rehearsals Peter used the structure to construct letterforms; the result is this simple video.


In his longest work to date, choreographer Lukáš Timulak explores Beethoven’s landmark Symphony No. 3 “Eroica”. Inspired by the composer’s personal life, especially his Heiligenstadt period, Timulak looks into the life of an enigmantic man.

Timulak and set designer Peter Biľak also explore the notion of non-linear dance. While non-linear narrative is quite common in film, literature or even theatre, dance typically presents events in chronological succession. Timulak and Biľak introduce production elements that help to clarify that the opening of the piece presents the conclusion, while the subsequent material presents the events leading up to it. - Project by Thypotheque


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