23 May 2011

so, too & very by Ina Jang | Anagnorisis

The White Rabbit and curator Samantha Levin are pleased to announce the return of photographer Ina Jang in the White Rabbit’s White Box.

Ina Jang’s work is much more abstract. Her compositions are collaged explorations of language playfully fooling with depth; her images gently and humorously introduce new meanings to familiar objects. Ina’s photos, carefully planned and executed, often involve cutting, gluing and pasting mundane objects, such as paper and cotton balls, and layering them with figures in extremely minimal spaces.
“My works explore concepts of photography and its physicality, while their contents rely hugely on a playful mind, inspired by the time I spent [as a child] with my sister when we were isolated from family and friends.” - Ina Jang.  See more;

Anagnorisis Fine Arts

Anagnorisis Fine Arts is a young organization run by curator Samantha Levin that represents and exhibits extraordinary emerging and established artists. Each artist is chosen for their penchant for creating very lush artwork, uplifting or uncomfortable, subversive or sublime, that pushes boundaries and excels in craftsmanship. Much of this artwork could be said to fall under the new contemporary genres of the Neo-Grotesque and the Pop Surreal.
Exhibiting mainly at the White Rabbit Lounge in New York City, Anagnorisis also works frequently with established galleries, alternative venues and arts organizations to introduce new visual language to art collectors and lovers alike. 


White Rabbit Lounge / 145 East Houston St. /  From May 11 – June 27, 2011