26 May 2011

Skin by [Ay]A Studio

Skin is an organic self-structure created by [Ay]A Studio. This sculpture is an artificial corpus overlapping meshing systems and subsystems, inhabiting space and challenging its perception. This 5 meter long structural design brings a landscaped pièce unique recreating new formal ways of apparel, gathering behaviour and creating organisational newness.

Skin was conceived as a computational design, based on emerging logics of construction and manufacturing. Large Scale CNC along with high tech matters and other techniques will be employed to rapid prototype and assemble this processual design. Parametric tools were used in order to process data, find and refine form, simulate fluidity and a set of performances. See more;


It was founded in 2010 by Jorge Ayala.  [Ay]A is an international design studio committed to cutting edge research and experimentation, across scales. [Ay]A engages the field of architecture and landscape urbanism in both theoretical and professional praxis. 

[Ay]A Studio explores informal/intangible parameters in order to innovate. These innovations are not limited to the architectural form but also the capacity to use collective efforts, the functionality and accessibility of networks of distribution (input/output), economy, self-sustainability, and in general, a large capacity to evolve or be adapted topographically, operatively, and environmentally. 

Design Team: Jorge Ayala ([Ay]A Studio Principal), Jonas Braoudé
Computational Development: Jonas Braoudé
Visual Development: Karim Tedjani
Physical Fabrication: Style & Design

Design and prototype_