19 May 2011

Muybridge // A Work on Motion

"Muybridge // A Work on Motion" is the latest project of The T-shirt Issue, the Muybridge installation is a study set out to capture temporal change in 3D. A three-step sequence of a bird spreading its wings is reconstructed and sculpted into T-Shirts. As the change in the wings' position is a function of time, each wing's plumage is reduced to polygonal form, modeled and rigged into successive arrangements to portray the spreading motion.

This study leans on Eadweard Muybdridge's photography work in the late 1800s, with which he pioneered in the field of capturing animal and human locomotion. Challenged by a bet whether all four horse's hooves are off the ground at the same time during gallop, he conceived stop-motion photography and later on the Zoöpractiscope, which turned still photographs into dynamic projections. See more;

With the Muybridge installation, shape and fractional motion are interpreted through jersey garments. The T-shirts capture a movement that happens in the bat of an eye and perpetuate it by material augmentation.


"The T-shirt Issue is an interdisciplinary collective fascinated by the triangular polygon, a geometric shape we see as the basic unit of digital substance and wearable form. With this ethos we build on our platform technology to challenge the status quo of clothing construction.
We established a new dimension in which 2D, 3D and the space in between is reconsidered and experimented with. Within this context we stir triangular shapes and fine fabrics into basic apparel that subtly exposes its digital descent.
As the spectrum of possibilities in polygonal shaping is unlimited, we also engage in the conception of extensive art pieces to shed a light on its extremities. The T-Shirt Issue's ultimate function is to bundle every vision on this spectrum into a new aesthetic standard, made for the individual vantage point."