12 May 2011

Maurizio Bongiovanni 2011

Me and Him, 2011, 60x40cm oil on canvas

I'm sure you have already seen the previous work of Maurizio Bongiovanni (specially Bird rib series). His work is amazing, love the mix between digital distortion and real painting. I have selected his three lastest paintings, where he utilized  pornographic pictures from the Internet to get the final pieces.

Bongiovanni tells us;
"For realize these paintings projects I used pornographic pictures from the web. I find it interesting to work on the environment where the body is located. The image are perfect to be revised because of the chromatic content. The idea of these works comes from a group band called CSS (is an abbreviation for Cansei de Ser Sexy Literally "got tired of Being Sexy")”. See more;

If you don't know Maurizio Bongiovanni yet, he is an Italian artist (1979) who lives and works between Milan and Shanghai. In his paintings he is interested in using images from internet and then elaborated through photoshop. His research focuses on how to paint and what to comminicate. In fact, experiments different way to realize his paintings. The themes he develops are from news stories, gossip, pornography, dreams ect..

He wants to create a work full of contaminations, full of distractions “ a work without compass”.

Masturbation, 2011, 60x40cm oil on canvas

Masturbation, 2011, 60x40cm oil on canvas