26 May 2011

''JustK'' Eco House by AMUNT

JustK project was comenced in 2007 and completed it in 2010 by AMUNT architectural office,  based in Aachen and Stuttgart formed by architects Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel and Jan Theissen.

The layout of the house consists of three staggered levels, creating various heights which zone the ground floor and automatically create different climate zones in winter. Designed with wood being the main material used consistently throughout the structure as a renewable raw material it was chosen not least for its favorable energy balance. In order to keep costs down the wooden surfaces in the common rooms have been designed in ‘refined shell construction’. All the wooden surfaces have been sanded down bucked and soaped in order to preserve the light character of the wood. See more;

The main goal for this 138sqm construction was none other than Zero energy, taking advantage of all of the natural surroundings and weather conditions. With primal views of the Tübingen Castel the swing of the hipped, multiply kinked roof was designed taking into consideration the neighbors same rights to these exceptional viewpoints. The south facing façade is glazed for maximum solar gain with open-work shading panels acting as traditional shutters. The entrance is situated on the same level as the courtyard serving as cold air sluice between exterior and interior while part of the floor slab has been elevated so that an infiltration ditch together with a 75m ground-air heat exchanger could be installed.

A separate apartment can be created with an independent direct access from the outdoors by separating the main living space with a wooden partition wall on the top floor. As a whole the exterior has been designed so that everything possible can be put to use.

Many more details and pictures about JustK project at Yatzer.

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