30 May 2011

Inspiration from Nervous System

This is a great example of how into a good teamwork and with the necessary machinery is possible to make cool things in no time. In the last days Nervous System has added a new member to the team, is a laser cutter, just Epilog Helix 60 watt machine with an 18 "x 24" inch size bed, to turn their ideas into prototypes and produce their products in their own studio as well. To celebrate the new incorporation, they decided to create a new display to show their jewelry at ICFF. They spent designing it one day, the next day it laser cutting and the last day assembling it. See more;

"The design was a riff on our unimplemented designs for the New York Gift Fair from earlier in the year. It is sort of a bunch of ellipsoids stitched together into a set of “caves” for hanging necklaces and convex regions for holding earrings and bracelets.  But the part we really spent time designing was how each piece would fit together and how each shell would be discretized into panels. The panels are created using a tangent planes method to develop a non-triangular surface discretization. We worked to create a pattern spiraling six-sided panels with a somewhat elongated plant cell type shape.

Jesse wrote a Processing program to create all the connectors, place the holes in the panels and label all the pieces for “easy” construction. The connectors and panels were laser cut from baltic birch plywood and snap together for a tight fit. To cut down on assembly time we only used one connector per edge, but some of the larger panels could have definitely used a second connector." - Nervous System

Glycerin - Air - Water

This is another of their inspirational experiments I really enjoyed to see. The video documents several Hele-Shaw Cell experiments using two 16×20″ panes of glass. Intricate branching patterns emerge as we insert glycerin, air and water into the cell.

I highly recommend visit their website and store and see their super cool final products.  http://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/